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If you would like to have your statements e-mailed please

send a request to with the subject line "e-statement request".

Account Type

(Fees could reduce the earnings on these accounts)

Payable On

Dividend Rate*

(Annual Percentage Rate; Annual Percentage Yield)

*Rates subject to change

Share ($5 minimum balance required)

Stash (Share account required to open this account.)

Special (Share and Stash account required to open this account.) 





$0-$99.99 0.00%; 0.00% APY
$100.00-$4999.99 0.15%; 0.15% APY
$5000.00+ 0.25%; 0.25% APY
*Christmas Club
(Share account required to open this account.)

*One withdrawal per year allowed. Funds are deposited in the Share Account on October 1st of every year.


0.10% APR; 0.10% APY





Term (Minimum -Maximum)

9.50% - 15.00%

Up to 48 Months 

Credit Cards

9.00% - 15.00%

Log on to   to view your available points!!!!!

Home Equity Line of Credit

Property Insurance is required.

Interest Rates vary with individual credit scores

Prime Rate + 0.75%  - 

Prime Rate + 3.00%

(Rates are variable and may change after the account is opened. Maximum variable rate may be 6.00% over original rate.)


                          5- 15 Years      



Vehicle Loans

2018 - 2016 Model Years

2.50% - 7.500%

 *Interest rates are based on individual credit scores and are subject to change. 

Call the credit union for more details.


For loans $30,000 +  will lend up to 84 Months.


For loans under $30,000 will lend up to 72 Months.



        We will loan up to

 MSRP / NADA Retail Value





Used Vehicles 2015 and older 

Model Years

3.25% - 7.50%


*Interest rates are based on individual credit scores and are subject to change. 


For vehicles $25,000 + will lend up to 72 months.

Vehicles under $25,000 will lend up to 60 months.




Share Secured


12 - 72 Months


*Minimum monthly payment of $25 applies to each loan type, except Visa

*A late payment fee of $15 will be charged on all loans 15 days or more delinquent.

*Repossession/foreclosure costs may be applied to loans.

Fax:  314-453-5024 

Certificates of Deposit
($500 minimum deposit required)

(Fees could reduce the earnings on these accounts; a penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal)

Annual Percentage Rate

6 Months

0.55%; 0.55% APY*

12 Months

0.65%; 0.65% APY*

24 Months

0.75%; 0.75% APY*


    *APY - Annual Percentage Yield

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